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What Does a Typical
Session Look Like? 

Our time together on Zoom is unique to you and so each session is different by its end. As a guide, I will address your specific goals. After centering and grounding with guided breathing and visualization practices, you as client, can take the session in any direction that you wish.

If you need to tell your story in a safe space, know that anything you share will be received with unconditional positive regard and held in confidence. Our sessions are a no-judgment zone.

If you need resources to help with your understanding of what you are going through and to inform your discussions with others, we can explore the wealth of materials I have at my disposal.

And if you need healing to help you lean into your experience and find peace with it, we can incorporate a range of modalities—visualizations, shamanic reiki, vortex healing, sound baths, meditation, journeying, and affirmative prayer.

My goal is not to dictate what your experience looks like but to help you navigate your way with grace and ease. The best guides show us where to look, but they don’t tell us what to see!

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