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How I Can Help You

Grief Support 

Navigating Grief
and Moving Forward from Loss

Grief is a natural and normal response to loss, but it can also be an incredibly challenging and overwhelming experience. When dealing with the pain of grief, we may feel a range of conflicting emotions; sadness/relief, anger/guilt, numbness, and confusion. Grief can make us feel like we can't think straight or that we can't think about anything but our loss. We may struggle with physical symptoms such as fatigue, changes in appetite, and difficulty sleeping.

To say that this is normal does not imply that it is easy.

I offer a safe and compassionate space to navigate the complexities of grief. Together, we'll work through your emotions, identify coping strategies, and create a personalized plan for moving forward. Whether you're struggling with the death of a loved one, or a non-death loss that has rocked your sense of identity; whether it is a recent loss or you're still grappling with grief from years ago, I am here to help. Together we'll work to make meaning of the experience and find healing from the pain.

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Gender Grief Guidance 

Embracing Every Version
of the One You Love

Helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of gender identity and expression is both an honor and a passion for me. This terrain can be challenging, filled with uncertainty, grief, and love. Using my training as a thanatologist, my experience as a parent, and my calling as a minister, I guide my clients with a heart-centered approach.

Navigating change can be difficult, and it can involve loss and grief. That's why I offer compassionate companionship to those who seek my guidance. When my own family embarked on a gender journey, what we needed most was not judgment, advice, or fixing, but rather someone to listen with empathy, bear witness to our experiences, and accompany us as we discovered our emotional truth.

As a gender guide, it brings me great joy and purpose to be that person for others. I have extensively studied the intersection of gender and grief. It is my ministry to support individuals and families in embracing the gender identity and expression that is best for them. In one-on-one online sessions I provide a safe and affirming space for exploration and growth.

Quantum Living Process Coaching

Combining Science and Spirituality
to Support Personal Evolution

The Quantum Living Process™ offers a dynamic pathway to personal evolution that blends cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom traditions. Rooted in the latest research from psychology, neurobiology, quantum theory, and the science of the heart, the “Q-Process” offers a profound exploration of self-discovery and growth.

As a Quantum Living Process™ Coach, I lead participants on a 21-day structured form of "aware-apy" – a process of self-inquiry that empowers them to become conscious of hidden thought and behavior patterns.  Through a blend of conscious inquiry, meditation, and self-reflection, participants undertake a journey of self-discovery that examines the roots of reactions dominating their current behaviors. The information gained paves the way for heart-centered transformation as they move past the blocks embedded in these unconscious patterns and awaken to their full potential.

The Quantum Living Process™ unfolds via three distinct phases over the 21 days. Phase One focuses on external triggers that precipitate emotional reactions, while Phase Two delves into internal thought patterns, such as self-criticism and judgment. Finally, Phase Three invites participants to explore the past memories associated with their dominant reactive patterns, unearthing early childhood conditioning and facilitating profound shifts in understanding.

The “Q-Process” offers a holistic approach to personal growth and well-being. It uniquely enables an individual to examine their past experiences to become conscious of their current ego “operating” system. As the participant “sees” their unique way of constructing their reality, they can change ingrained ways of relating to the world around them, giving rise to dramatic and immediate shifts in consciousness.

Outdoor Meditation
Energy Healing

Sound Healing and VortexHealing®

Returning to Wholeness
in Body, Mind & Spirit

Are you dealing with physical pain or illness and looking for holistic treatments that will support your recovery? Are you experiencing emotional or mental distress or seeking personal growth and transformation? Vibrational energy work can address all these needs.

The idea that all is energy or vibration is central to many spiritual traditions. This view holds that everything in the universe—matter, thoughts, emotions—can be understood as patterns of vibration. It is all part of an interconnected web of oscillating energy. Throughout this web of life, all are connected in a vast and intricate tapestry. The subtle vibrations of the universe can be influenced and manipulated through sound to release blockages and imbalances, allowing for greater well-being and vitality.


In both in-person and online sessions, I offer Integral Sound Healing and VortexHealing® to facilitate healing and awakening for those seeking greater physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


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What people are saying...

“It was so hard to decipher how much of what K was going through was teenage identity exploration and how much was the emergence of their authentic self. It was exceptionally helpful to have a safe space to process."

- RM

“I thank the universal forces for the great gift of your presence in my life. Your encouragement helped more than I can say. Thank you for your wit and your wisdom, but most of all, for your loving heart.”

- KL

“I couldn't reconcile why I was so distressed. I felt like my brother had died, yet he was right there in front of me. Having someone to talk to - someone who offered compassion for me, not judgment of him made all the difference. Thank you!!! ”

- LG

“I have so appreciated your ability to create a safe and supportive space for my healing and growth. Your ability to deeply listen meant I felt seen and heard in a way that I never had before. I left each session feeling lighter and more aligned with my true self”

- WJ

“I was struggling with a range of physical and emotional issues, feeling really stuck and overwhelmed. And I was a bit skeptical of alternative therapies, but from the moment I began working with you, I knew that I was in good hands.”

- AP

“You are my "finger pointing at the moon.” Our sessions taught me to trust that the universe was working for me and me job was to explore how. That change of mindset seemed so small - but it changed everything in how life flowed."

- LO

“You have truly been a guide and a light on my path, and I am so grateful for your presence in my journey of growth and self-discovery. I am enjoying so many blessings from my deepened spiritual practice.”

- CR

“As my grandchild transitioned I wanted to continue to be their loving Nan but I didn't know how to navigate the language, yet alone what to say. You reduced my fear of getting it wrong. You helped bridge the generation gap.”

- WJ

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