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Grief Guide
Interfaith Minister
Integral Sound Healer
Quantum Living Coach

Vortex Healing Practitioner

Are you struggling with grief?

Are you feeling uncertain about your purpose?

Are you searching for physical support or emotional healing?

Are you seeking deeper meaning in your life or looking for spiritual direction?

If so, welcome! I'm so glad you're here. I can help.

If you're struggling with grief...

I use a range of practices and resources that provide support as you learn about loss, explore your feelings, tap your inner resources, and build resilience.

If you're in need of healing support...

I offer integral sound healing and Vortex healing to address aspects of your experience that go beyond your conscious mind and your physical circumstances.


If you're spiritually seeking...

I offer compassionate guidance that supports exploring limiting beliefs so you can awaken to your highest self.
I design and facilitate custom ceremonies to celebrate and honor life's significant events.

If you're navigating identity in a gender-diverse world,..

I can support your navigation of the unique experiences that accompany gender exploration, finding heart-centered ways to honor the beauty present in all forms of being.

"When the receiver is ready, the gift will appear."

There are several ways to work with me one-on-one, in person and online.
Explore my services below.


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