Meet Rev. Louise

Gender Grief Guide - Minister - Thanatologist

My mission and ministry is to provide guidance for individuals and families who are navigating changes in gender identity. With companioning, community, healing, and education my clients find a way forward from fear and distress, ultimately moving from grief to growth.

My Journey

After many years being busy doing other things, I reached my 50's and began to deeply consider the purpose of my life. In 2019 I executed a professional pivot away from a 30-year career in finance and focused my attention on offering service to others by supporting those in grief.


In the years since I have studied and trained in many different programs and learned much about how we react to all kinds of losses. I’ve gained an academic perspective by earning an M.S. in Thanatology, strengthened my spiritual grounding with ordination as an Interfaith/ Interspiritual Minister, softened my heart by becoming certified as a Death Doula, Grief Educator, Integrative Thanatologist. And I've broadened the ways in which I can provide healing and support by training in Grief Movement ®, Vortex Healing ®, Shamanic Reiki, Sound healing and Oracle Card reading. 

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Professional Affiliations

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Along the way I discovered that supporting those coping with changes in gender identity was my passion. Personal experience offered my first insight into the loss, confusion, and grief felt when a loved one releases a part of their gender identity. Then the momentum to develop my personal journey into my ministry came from those that walked this path and were gracious enough to ask me to accompany them. Many beloved souls have been my mentors on this journey and they have my gratitude forever.

What we all experienced now forms the basis of the Gender Grief Guidance that I offer to help you. It can guide you on your Gender Grief Journey with compassion and kindness and care. You are not alone and you don't have to go through this without help. However challenged you feel right now all you need to do to experience understanding, acceptance , and love is reach out.

I can't wait to connect!