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Reiki Therapy

What is VortexHealing® Energy Healing?

Healing is not merely about alleviating physical symptoms or emotional distress; it's a profound journey of transformation. The concept of Oneness lies at the core of VortexHealing® – the understanding that all of life is interconnected, even as it appears to express itself individually in a magnificent tapestry of creation.

In our human life experience, we habitually feel separated from Oneness. We perceive ourselves as distinct individuals disconnected from the Universal Source. This sense of separation breeds a false identification with an ego self. The belief in duality imprints every level of our being with conditioning. This web of conditioning runs deep, creating blockages and distortions in our energy system, which manifest in our experience of life as physical ailments and emotional turmoil.

VortexHealing® works by releasing conditioning and restoring emotional equilibrium and energetic vitality as new patterns of belief and new ways of being emerge. These changes pave the path for profound healing as we come to see that healing is not just being “symptom free,” it is being reawakened to the truth of ourselves. It is being returned to wholeness.

VortexHealing® differs from conventional healing modalities because it delves into the very essence of our being, aiming to awaken us from the illusion of separation. Through its unique blend of energy work and consciousness tools, VortexHealing® facilitates a profound shift in perception, allowing us to disentangle ourselves from the grip of identification with our issues.

As clients engage with VortexHealing®, they embark on a journey of spiritual acceleration, awakening to the freedom and connection with Oneness that is their true nature. The healing journey becomes a gateway to self-discovery, leading us to recognize that we are not merely the sum of our conditioning but infinite beings, deeply interconnected with the fabric of existence.

Experience the profound transformation that awaits with VortexHealing® – where healing merges seamlessly with awakening, and the journey towards wholeness becomes a sacred pilgrimage of self-realization.

VortexHealing® is a registered service mark of the R. Weinman VH Trust.
All rights reserved. Used here with permission.
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